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Music Gleaner reviews "Still Awake"

"On this glorious day, I am listening to the music of post-rock/ambient music composer, Dan Caine and his most recent album, Still Awake. It holds a strong resemblance to another artist I’ve reviewed in the past, musicformessier and as such, I do feel rather similar to it, but I’ll be sure to compare them during the review. Still Awake was released on the 29th of December, so is still a 2014 release, but we won’t split any hairs over it. Caine has also already started work on his new album and is planning on collabing with other musicians this year, so there’s plenty to keep an ear out for, if you like what you hear here today.

This album is very chill from start to finish and considering what it is, Still Awake does what it sets out to do. I just wish there was a little bit more variety to the sound that occurs so constantly throughout the album – lots of clean guitars with delay and plenty of gorgeous synths to help take you away to that special place of peace and serenity. However, when Caine utilises small amounts of distortion into his songs, everything becomes that little bit more interesting, for example: The Sleeping Masses, Beneath an Ancient Sky, Outrospect and Synergy all utilise very minimal usage of distortion guitar and it does help change up the pacing of things quite a bit."

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