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Artists you should meet: Daniel Caine (feature on Rolling Stone en Espanol, 2024)




Listening Now: Dan Caine - Surfacing (review on Last Day Deaf blog, 2024)

"Surfacing, a standout track from Dan Caine‘s 2024 album Signals, epitomizes the essence of post rock and ambient fusion. With masterful guitar layering, Caine crafts an ethereal soundscape that transcends conventional boundaries." Read More

Dan Caine - The Ambient Maestro of Post-Rock (feature on Skynet Ambient Radio, 2024)

"In the realm of ambient and post-rock music, Dan Caine stands as a beacon of innovation and emotional depth. Hailing from Merseyside, England, Caine has carved out a unique niche in the music world with his powerful, layered guitar melodies that invite listeners into a meditative journey through the subconscious..." Read More

Vishal Naidu & Dan Caine - A Soul Search (interview on Sinusoidal Music about "Catharsis", 2023)

"Dan Caine is a post-rock guitarist who creates dense atmospheres through layering and superb production. Dan & Vishal put their hearts and sound together for this latest single, Catharsis. This is a tale of rebirth while in limbo..." Read More

Dan Caine Releases A Massive Soundscape of an Album (Review of "Also Known As Life" on BuzzSlayers, 2021)

"A new release from Dan Caine brings a gorgeous set of textured melodies and sounds together for a progressive rock record that gives off a lush and massive soundscape..." Read More

Dan Caine - Also Known As Life (Album Review on Gezeitenstrom, 2021)

"Dreamy soundscapes where you can acoustically feel the approaching summer on your own skin as you listen - Dan Caine 's new album entitled “Also Known As Life ” is released this week. With his works, the Englishman creates meditative sound backdrops that offer the listener many interpretation options. The guitarist reaches a deep level with his contemplative compositions, which is predestined to close your eyes and bridge distances in your imagination. If you would like to hear what summer sounds like, the new album is highly recommended..." Read More

Dan Caine  Rivers (Review on Gezeitenstrom, 2020)

"Dan Caine has never disappointed fans to date and will not do so with the new album either. “ Rivers ” may be a typical example from the pen of the British musician, but it serves emotional post-rock with a certain independence. It will definitely be at the top of the playlists again , which is exactly what it deserves. Dan Caine consistently follows his own path with his music and constantly develops it further, one can only take his hat off to that..." Read More

Album Review: Dan Caine - Transitions (Will Not Fade, 2017)

"It is an atmospheric guitar album, and truth be told, Caine’s guitar abilities are fantastic. By using different techniques layered atop each other he constructs some brilliant moody tracks that will have you reaching for your air guitar in no time." Read More


Dan Caine & musicformessier - Timelessness (Review on Merchants of Air, 2016)

"It’s a marvelous journey, and a splendid work of art. The delicate sonorous poetry and the serene appreciative melodies we found on this album certainly make Timelessness one of the best guitar driven atmospheric albums of the year." Read More

LISTEN: Dan Caine - "Arcus" (Feature on Arctic Drones, 2017)

New Music Review - Dan Caine - Still Awake (Music Gleaner, 2015)

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being at peace with Dan Caine and I think anyone that’s into post-rock or ambient music will be right at home here." Read More

New Album from Dan Caine - Solace (The Sirens Sound)

Dan Caine - Solace (Review on Gezeitenstrom, 2016)

"Solace offers breathtaking, melodic sound spheres that paint a picture of fragile melancholy and dreamy cathedrals of sound." Read More

Serotonin Sound (Review of Transitions on 2017)

Dan Caine - Captured Whispers (Review on Merchants of Air, 2017)

Dan Caine - Transitions (Review on Merchants of Air, 2017)

Dan Caine - Transitions (Review on Gezeitenstrom)

"Transitions is an exploration of progressive melodies and beautiful chords that are layered over the tempo." Read More

Interview with post-rock guitarist Dan Caine (Prankster 101 Productions)

"Dan Caine has been busy creating music since the age of 15 and only recently released his career best magnum opus – Solace."  Read More

Cascades – Simogató zuhatagok Dan Caine-től (review by musicformessier on

Review of Solace in Yoga Magazine France

Review of New World in Yoga Magazine France

Lunar Sol - Wandering Star (review on Too Much Love)

Dan Caine - Solace (Review on Off the Tracks)


"Journey Through an Open Mind is a four song instrumental EP that takes the listener through a variety of sounds and emotions. The title track, “Journey Through An Open Mind,” is long at 10 minutes, but is easy to get lost in." Read More

Review of Cascades on Progressive Rock Central

Review of Cascades on German blog Gerhardemmerkunst

""Cascades" offers a soundscape cycle with eight fine, moving, longer numbers between major and minor, light and shadow, airy lightness and dark secrets lurking beneath the surface. Wonderfully ingratiating, inner peace-inducing, almost meditative guitar sounds..." Read More

"The Best New Music for Yoga" - Review of Nocturne on Yoga Basics blog

"We recommend adding tracks from this album to your yoga playlist to add a bit of energy and drive to some sun salutations or a challenging pose sequence." Read More

Review of Nocturne on Gezeitenstrom (2018)

"The new work "Nocturne" by the Englishman Dan Caine is the logical development of the outstanding guitarist." Read More

Dan Caine - Nocturne (2018) - Review on Wall of Noise music blog

"English musician Daniel Caine has stricken again with another mindblowing record called “Nocturne”.
The follower of “Journey Through an Open Mind” was released on June 8th, 2018, and it has all the looks of being one of the top post rocks albums on 2018." Read More

Dan Caine - Feature on Postart.Rocks (2020)

New game "Roadwarden" features music by Dan Caine

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