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Gezeitenstrom reviews "Transitions"

"With the best will in the world, Dan Caine cannot be accused of a lack of creativity. The Englishman has already released 5 studio albums since 2013, with increasing success. Dan Caine is a guitarist active in the genres of post-rock and ambient. His new album Transitions will be released on March 10th, the album is a journey through a man's emotional evolution, from one phase of life to another, and each of the seven tracks is a clearly expressed facet of this process.

So the sixth album has a lot to offer. You will certainly miss one or the other nuance from post-rock, but the album is still based there in the overall concept. Transitions is an exploration of progressive melodies and beautiful chords layered over tempo. Together with Hailey Rose, who takes over the vocal part in some tracks, voice and guitar effects form a harmonious carpet of sound. Both musicians have also found their second home in the Lunar Sol project."

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