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Gezeitenstom Music Magazine reviews "Solace"

Englishman Dan Caine is also exhibiting a highlight at the beginning of the week Liverpool with his new album. Dan has released 4 albums since 2013, each one unique. Solace, the new title, contains atmospheric and emotional post-rock with borrowings from ambient & shoegaze. Solace combines gentle, soothing melodies with atmospheric, thoroughly textured soundscapes. Or in Dan's own words: "Music for Inspiration". As just indicated, breathtaking, melodic soundscapes await you on Solace, which paint a picture of fragile melancholy and dreamy sound cathedrals. The fact that the style has hardly changed is a positive aspect of Dan Caine. Because the usual soundscapes of fragile melancholy and dreamy passages penetrate d

eply into one's own emotional world. The cleverly arranged timbres promise acoustic landscapes of intense harmony, intimate and yet gracefully thoughtful. The magic works from the first to the last track, no song is like the other in terms of structure. It is therefore damn difficult to particularly emphasize individual titles. However, the tracks “Hope” and “Remnants” are highly emotional. The degree of oppressive melancholy is kept very high here. If you approach the song "Untouched Ground", you should rather let yourself be enchanted by the melodic and thoughtful way of expression. What is also striking here is how perfectly the instruments, such as guitar and drums, harmonize. Very heartwarming. One can definitely say that Solace is another representative performance in the ambient genre by Dan Caine. Friends of melancholic sounds will certainly not be disappointed with the new album in any way. And the price for it is not too high - around 3 euros on Bandcamp.

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