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Dan Caine is interviewed by Prankster 101 Productions

"As someone who is interested in film soundtracks, but comes from an alternative rock music background, it was only a matter of time before I would come to have a renewed appreciation for the post rock genre. And having discovered outfits such as Jakob, If These Trees Could Talk, Rosetta, Baulta etc, one artist that recently caught my attention was the Liverpool based guitarist Dan Caine.

Describing himself as someone “who creates atmospheric, soulful and emotive ambient music”, Dan Caine has been busy creating music since the age of 15 and only recently released his career best magnum opus – Solace. With the album generating a nice buzz for itself online, I was pleasantly surprised of the digital download not costing much – although I would have gladly paid more for the privilege of owning the album in physical format. Still, it’s early days yet, and I hope that the album does get reissued as part of a limited edition vinyl / CD.

You can listen to Solace below… and if you like the album (as you should), then go and support Dan Caine by buying it from his Bandcamp page. In the meantime however, and what follows, is my interview with the hugely-talented guitarist. Enjoy!

Can you describe your musical background prior to embarking on your recording career? What got you into music, how did you come to choose guitar as your primary instrument, and what factors determined your choice in wanting to make “atmospheric, soulful and emotive ambient music”?

I first picked up the guitar at the age of 15. My Dad, who was also a guitar player, bought me an acoustic guitar and taught me a few basic chords, and from there I taught myself, which I think helped me to develop my own playing style. I’ve never received any formal training. I started recording my guitar as a hobby from early on, though back then my recording process and gear was quite unsophisticated. I discovered after a while that I really enjoyed the recording and mixing process, and began experimenting with layered, ambient guitar soundscapes. I found this approach to be a great way of expressing myself and I was able to capture my emotion and feelings in quite a profound way."

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