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"Cascades" is reviewed by German blog Kulturforum

"The album "Cascades" by experimental musician Dan Caine from Liverpool/UK first saw the light of day three years ago, and a remastered version of the instrumental euphony work has recently been released.
The young Englishman has been making music since he was fifteen, inspired by indie and alternative artists, just like in his parents' home by his own elder's classical guitar playing. Since 2013 there have been numerous releases from the Ambient/Shoegaze/Postrock/New Age genres. "Cascades" offers a soundscape cycle with eight fine, moving, longer numbers between major and minor, light and shadow, airy lightness and dark secrets lurking beneath the surface. Wonderfully insinuating, inner peace-giving, almost meditative guitar sounds, with reverberation in the constant flow of improvisation as atmospheric sound collages between ambient transcendence and a kind of post-rock in the resting pulse, which in its relaxed, free-spirited floating is as far as possible from the vehement sound waves breaking in and the customary guitar wall architecture of the genre and thus fits perfectly with the currently prevailing summer weather, whose sun-drenched days invite you to decelerate life and in their sweaty, oppressive heat already give an idea of ​​the next upcoming, dark thunderstorm.
"Cascades" is available for the first time on CD and remixed a few days ago via the Californian indie label Fluttery Records. (*****)"

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Jun 12, 2023

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